Avtor fotografije: Igor Ribič/Beeback Photography

Author: Igor Ribič/Beeback Photography

25. avgust 2020

September will mark the official start of the circular culture in Brežice

In September, the first truck full of used beverage cartons to be recycled and made into hygiene paper will depart from Brežice. This paper will be used by public institutions in the municipality of Brežice. This will essentially “kick-start” the municipal material cycle of beverage cartons and hygiene paper in Brežice, which was designed more than a year ago.

The third municipal material cycle in Slovenia was designed in Brežice and is managed by Komunala Brežice. They dubbed it “Circular culture in your hands”, emphasizing that the decision and implementation of the circular economy in the local com- munity is in the hands of that community - and its inhabitants.

The MMC of beverage cartons and hygiene paper was designed in Brežice more than a year ago through a used beverage carton collection campaign. In it, the primary school students of Brežice, with the support of their parents or households, col- lected as much as a ton and two hundred kilograms of used beverage cartons.

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