Over 200 tons of used beverage cartons recycled this year

The project of creating municipal material cycles (MMC) makes an important contribution to the development of circular culture and circular economy in Slovenia. Project activities were carried out uninterruptedly throughout the whole year in all 10 member municipalities, and at the end of the year we are recording very encouraging results. In cooperation with the public waste management companies Voka Snaga Ljubljana, Komunala Novo mesto and Komunala Brežice, we managed to collect and recycle more than 200 tons of used beverage cartons this year, which represents more than 560 m3 of waste in volume. In doing so, the municipalities have provided a raw material for the production of recycled hygiene paper, which is now used by already 67 local public institutions and companies, and we plan to join some new ones in the short term. We also plan to expand the project to new municipalities in Slovenia in 2021. By becoming an active member of the project, our partners made a commitment to use secondary sources of raw materials to produce hygiene paper that they use on their premises. By doing so, they preserved 2,800 trees from being cut and they reduced the CO2 emissions for 176,110 kg. Municipalities – members of municipal material cycles:
  • Ljubljana
  • Novo mesto
  • Brežice
  • Dolenjske Toplice
  • Mirna Peč
  • Straža
  • Šentjernej
  • Škocjan
  • Šmarješke Toplice
  • Žužemberk