Javni holding Ljubljana received the good practice award for the municipal material cycle of used beverage cartons and hygiene paper

Under the name "Common Green", Public Holding Ljubljana applied to the IPOP Institute's tender with their municipal material cycle of used beverage cartons and hygiene paper which currently includes 39 public companies and institutions in Ljubljana. This is a circular economy project where recycled used beverage cartons from the existing municipal waste management system are used instead of primary raw materials in the production process of hygienic paper. In its selection among the 15 best, the evaluation committee justified it as follows: »the common and green public procurement system represents great potential for all municipalities, which have the power to invest in local and green development through smart public procurement«. The IPOP institute published tender »Cities to cities« and invited Slovenian municipalities to submit their good practices for sustainable urban development. 29 projects from 13 municipalities entered the competition. Members of evaluation board were Tomaž Miklavčič from the Ministry of the Environment and Spatial Planning, Mojca Švajger from the Municipality of Tržič and Nina Plevnik and Petra Očkerl from IPoP. The project is part of the URBACT program, whose mission is to promote and support sustainable urban development. Selected municipalities with good practices will receive City to city award, which includes publication in the City to city catalogue #3, websites and social networks promotion and presentation at the event. Additional information and the list of all 15 awarded projects is available HERE.