Public supports municipal material cycles; people are proud that their local public institutions and companies use recycled hygiene paper

We researched the impact of municipal material cycles in MMC Novo mesto municipalities. The results show a very high level of environmental awareness, with over 70% agreement on importance of environment preservation activities. People are concerned about their local waste management activities and practices. The research also shows that almost everyone in MMC Novo mesto (99%) supports the use of recycled hygiene paper from local material cycle to be used in public institutions and companies. The research was conducted by Mediana research agency, took place in 8 municipalities that forms MMC Novo mesto (Novo mesto, Dolenjske Toplica, Mirna Peč, Straža, Šentjernej, Škocjan, Šmarješke Toplice and Žužemberk). 404 respondents were interviewed, half of them thru web panel and the other half over the phone. There were 100 public institution employees included in the research - they are actual users of recycled hygiene paper products. We asked them for more detailed quality assessment of our products – multipurpose towels, handkerchiefs, and toilet paper. We were testing the colour, absorbance, touch and feel and general quality compared to regular (not recycled) products. On the scale from 1 to 5, all our products were given high likeability scores on all tested characteristics – the highest ranked was the absorbance (4.0), followed by the colour (3.9), touch & feel and general quality (3.8). Respondents of the research expressed very high (over 90%) awareness and concern for natural environment. The results show that over 80% of population in these municipalities highly appreciate individuals and organizations that are active in saving the environment. Over 80% of population already separate waste packaging, but they claim to put even more attention to beverage carton waste separation in the future, because of the MMC project. 90% of the population believe that such projects as municipal material cycle of waste beverage carton and recycled hygiene paper are important for environmental protection and they support the idea that local public institutions prefer purchase of those materials.