Circularity Assessment Score: we are Circular Frontrunners

We celebrate the Earth Day on April 22nd and we find this a good opportunity to rethink our everyday practices and lifestyle - how do we act as individuals (or the company) in terms of the use of resources? Let’s ask ourselves, what is our attitude toward the environment, how much food do we put to waste, how much waste and waste packaging do we “produce” per month or how much energy do we use? Is there something that we could change? Given that in Slovenia, we use 3 times as many natural resources as we have available, we believe it is necessary to rethink our behavior and habits. Circular Shield team is working with municipalities and waste management companies – we help them build and manage circular economy programs in their local communities. At this year’s Earth Day we decided to assess our circularity and check our current status. Using the Circularity Assessment Score* method, which combines several factors, such as: renewable sources, product/service design, use of waste as resources, digitalization ... our Circularity Assessment Score is 84.6 (out of 100). This places us high on a scale of circular frontrunners. We are happy to get such a rewarding result, however we will continue to work on improving our circular practices in the future. The Circularity Assessment Score helps us understand the current level of circularity in our organization and processes. By using such tools, we can reveal potential circular opportunities and measure our progress. *Check your Circularity Assessment Score: