Waste packaging can and should be reused

One tone of waste paper can save 17 adult trees. On average, 75 % of beverage carton packaging consists of cardboard (cellulose) which can be transformed into high quality hygienic paper products. Circular Shield is the initiator of a local circular economy program – Municipal Material Cycle – where we collect and recycle already more than 5 % of total annual national used beverage cartons. This is a very good example of the circular economy in local communities, which is successfully implemented in 15 Slovenian municipalities, covering more than fifth of population. One of the key stakeholders of the project is DINOS, company for secondary raw material preparation, that understands the importance of reusing waste materials and is known in Slovenia for a number of good practices, from collecting waste paper in kindergartens and schools, to collecting waste plastic bottles and some humanitarian projects. Since the quantity of municipal waste in Slovenia is increasing, circular economy practices are becoming even more important. Both companies – Circular Shield and Dinos work hard on implementing circular economy solutions and raising the awareness of the importance of proper waste management among public.