Next stop – Slovakia!

The Municipal Material Cycle of beverage cartons and hygiene paper, which already operates successfully in 15 Slovene municipalities, will soon come to life in Slovakia. Ivona Urbanova has been chosen to take over the position of National Coordinator of the project in Slovakia to ensure the establishment and development of this important circular economy program. Ivona Urbanova is an environmental expert and independent waste management consultant. She has many years of experience in developing new solutions in waste management - as sales manager in international waste management company FCC in Slovakia and later as an independent consultant, she worked closely with industry and municipalities to help them on the path to sustainable development and circular solutions in the field of waste.

As national coordinator for Slovakia, Ivona Urbanova will be responsible for the establishment and development of Municipal Material Cycles as well as the acquisition of supporters and members in the participating municipalities. One of the most important roles of this circular economy program is to raise awareness of the municipal government, institutions, and local public, that they can encourage more sustainable development of their community and thus positively impact the development of the local community, the economy and the environment in the long term.

The municipal material cycle of beverage cartons and hygiene paper packaging can be set up in any municipality or city in the EU that has a municipal waste separation system in place. Therefore, we plan to expand the MMC area also to other interested EU countries.