Circular Shield – Circular Economy Frontrunner

Our Municipal Material Cycle project was presented in the CIRCULAR INSIDER publication, together with other Slovenian and European circular economy frontrunners. It is the special issue, providing a guide through circular and sustainable practices in Slovenia and beyond.


The Circular Insider magazine was issued in conjuctuion with the Slovenian EU Council Presidency, startin in July 2021. It aims to be a source of inspiration for decision makers and to bring the concept of the circular economy closer to general public. Through presentations of practical examples and interviews, Circular Insider can be an excellent inspiration to anyone looking to implement their "circular model."


Circular Insider – a quick date with circular economy frontrunners – was designed and published by the Circular Change team of experts. The full content of the publication is available here:


An article on the Municipal Material Cycles, managed by our company, is presented on pages 38-39.