Municipality Novo mesto with the highest share of members involved

The municipality of Novo mesto (MONM) is becoming an example for green and circular public procurement. 21 public institutions and companies, including the Municipality of Novo mesto, have come together to joint public procurement of hygienic paper made from used beverage cartons – locally called KEMSO.


The contract for the supply of hygienic paper was signed by the Mayor of The Municipality of Novo Mesto Gregor Macedoni MA and CEO of Valtex d. o. o., Špela Redjko.


It is an upgrade of the circular economy project from 2015, when the local municipal material cycle of UBC and hygiene paper was first established in Novo mesto. Due to the good references and experience of the first users, the municipality decided to invite the remaining municipal institutions to join the project.


With this green and circular public procurement tender MONM sets an example and encourages public institutions to undertake the performance of such projects more courageously and to design products and services according to the circular economy principles. It is in common interest to protect our environment and to enable the reuse (locally) collected packaging and waste.


As the mayor Gregor Macedoni told, with today's signing, the MONM is actualizing its to become a leading local community in the field of circular economy. "With this green and circular joint public procurement, we ensure a large share of hygiene paper from reused local packaging waste in our public institutions" the mayor added. At the signing, he also explained that potential suppliers were evaluated according to two criteria – the price and 'zero waste'. The selected supplier offered the lowered price and also matched the 'zero waste' criteria. This price offer provides lower costs for majority of institutions involved – so this confirms the thesis that green decisions are not necessarily more expensive.


The CEO of Valtex, Špela Redjko, pointed out that they were proud that they were identified as the most appropriate partner in the project. She added: "We are committed to a sustainable business. The mission of our company is to help our partners in the gradual or immediate transition to sustainable solutions and increasing the safety and well-being of their employees, visitors and other users. In product selection, we follow the guide to achieve the best results and to create positive effects for both - the environment and the wider community, and to co-create a place for a healthy living."


Green and circular public procurement is also a popular theme at European level, where MONM as a partner participates in the European project CircLocal, which aims to exchange good practices also in the field of circular public procurement. Across Europe, the focus of public procurement is on preventing corruption and ensuring the lowest prices of goods and services supplied, and the project partners point out that new standards need to be put in place in the area of public procurement that will promote innovation, a circular economy and target social and environmental objectives. As part of the project, the municipality has set up a local network of organizations that are active in the field of circular economy and is preparing an international workshop, where, among other things, it will present this case as a good example of green and circular public procurement.