CIRCLOCAL – Interregional workshop for Circular Economy

In cooperation with the Municipality of Novo mesto, Circular Shield participated in the CIRCLOCAL project, funded by the European Union’s COSME Programme. The main objective of this project is to stimulate Circular Economy and Circular Public Procurement through interregional learning, action-oriented workshops, and community-building.


Local communities from three EU countries connected for sharing their knowledge and best practices - the Portuguese Regiao de Coimbra, the Dutch Leeuwarden and Frysland's and the Slovenian Municipality of Novo mesto.

At the event, led by the Municipality Novo mesto on October 6 and 7, Circular Shield presented both - the local Municipal Material Cycle (MMC) and the recently implemented joint green and circular public procurement of hygiene paper for local public institutions in Novo mesto.


Their achievements in the field of circular economy were shared also by Knof Institute, Utility/Waste management company, Association for Development of Voluntary Work, kindergarten Pedenjped, Secondary school of Electrical Engineering and Technical Gymnasium, Slovenian Forestry Institute, Chamber of Commerce of Dolenjska and Bela krajina and the Municipality of Maribor.


Based on presented materials from these institutions, we have even strengthened our belief that circular economy can be the answer to many of environmental, economic and social challenges that we are facing today.