Tetra Pak calls on responsible waste management

On average, 75 % of beverage cartons consists of cardboard made from long, strong paper fibres that can be recycled several times and produce new, useful products such as hygienic paper wipes, towels, toilet paper and others. It is very important that we dispose empty packaging correctly, so that it can be delivered for recovery.

Tetra Pak reactivated a campaign thru which it promotes responsible behavior among consumers and educate about the circularity of their packaging.

Dragan Rajković, Regional Sustainability Director at Tetra Pak, told: "Tetra Pak has encouraged this campaign in cooperation with our partners to address the widest range of consumers and to demonstrate that sustainability is part of our solutions and at the same time part of everyday life. Tetra Pak focuses on low-carbon and circular solutions that take into account the climate impact of raw materials and the production value chain. New solutions are developed on the basis of raw materials from renewable sources and on a plant-based basis. We have received awards for them, as Tetra Pak has been identified among 50 companies that are introducing innovative solutions to address sustainable and climate challenges."


Municipal material cycle - local communities collect UBC as a source of raw materials for hygiene paper production

In Slovenia, a pioneering circular practice has been set up - the Municipal Material Cycle of UBC and hygiene paper, where local communities collect UBC and send it for recycling to produce hygiene paper for their own use in public institutions. By doing so, the local community provides raw materials for new products through dedicated collection and recycling. This practice operates successfully in 15 Slovene municipalities.

Photo: Tetra Pak, promo material