Recycling workshop at Primary School in Šenčur

A recycling workshop was held at Šenčur Primary School on used beverage cartons recycling. The workshop involved a group of talented and curious children who tested how simple it is to recycle the cellulose part of the beverage cartons.


What have we learned?

On average, 75% of UBC consists of long and strong paper fibres that can be recycled into new products such as hygienic paper handkerchiefs, towels, toilet paper and others. So it is very important to empty, flatten, close and place this packaging in a yellow container bins after use. That way we enable the reuse of valuable material.  

During the workshop, demonstrators also performed a short Eco quiz. Students showed a very hign level of knowledge, for which they should be especially commended!


Municipal material cycle – local circular economy programme

In the area of Komunala Kranj – which is covering Municipalities Kranj, Šenčur, Naklo, Preddvor and Jezersko – the Municipal Material Cycle of UBC and hygiene paper is already established. The local community provides their own raw materials for producing hygiene paper for the use in local schools and other public institutions.

Šenčur Primary School is the first school in Upper Carniola region to be involved in the Communal Material Circle project. Since September, the school and kindergarten are using recycled hygiene paper products to contribute to the conservation of natural resources and the protection of the environment.