What have we learned in 2021?

After five years since the creation of the pioneering Municipal Material Cycle, we can confirm that this solution brings many environmental benefits and financial savings to all partners. At the same time, the project is also smart alternative in times of raw materials crisis.


Pure pulp is a valuable material – it requires harvesting trees, we import it from countries on the other side of the oceans, and the price is also rising sharply. It is therefore important to recognize opportunities in alternative material sources, such as used beverage cartons. These are sufficient on the market, it can be relatively easy to recycle it into hygienic paper, which, in its functionality and quality, matches that made of pure pulp (wood fibres).


The number of municipalities, waste management companies and hygiene paper users, thtat recognize benefits of our circular business model is growing. This year, several new institutions and companies joined our projects, five municipalities in Slovenia started the MMC project, and we have started our activities also in Slovakia.


As a result, the quantities of used beverage cartons that we deliver for processing are also growing, and we are particularly proud of that.


We will stick to our path.

We thank to all of you who already trust us, and we invite all the rest to join us.