Circular economy in Novo mesto

In Novo Mesto, they are very active in developing sustainable and circular projects. At the conference named “Circular Economy: from theory to practce” they reported about their participation in the CircLocal project.

Municipality Novo mesto presented the most important achievements in this field in cooperation with local companies and institutions:

  • Kindergarten Pedenjped (principal of Meta Potočnik),
  • e-platform for the exchange of waste resources e-Symbiosis (Urška Fric, PhD),
  • Zavod Knof (Mojca Žganec Metelko).


The head of the CircLocal at the Municipality Novo mesto Peter Geršič presented some examples of best practices, including a joint green and circular procurement of hygiene paper, made from locally collected used beverage cartons from the project Municipal Material Cycle Novo mesto.


With this joint procurement, the municipality set great example for public institutions to take greater and more courageous approach to the execution of green and circular procurements. This way they could help protecting the environment and promote the reuse of local waste materials and secondary sources.


The municipality of Novo mesto will continue to present their efforts and projects in the new website NoviKrog (