Senec established the first MMC in Slovakia

In Slovakia, Senec is the first city that developed the Municipal Material Cycle - closed material loop of locally collected used beverage cartons and recycled hygiene paper for local institutions and companies.

The official start of the project was announced at today's celebration of Earth Day 2022. Local schools, companies and project partners participated at the event and developed a rich programme for children and adults.

At the heart of the municipal material circle project is the production of paper from pulp obtained by recycling collected cardboard beverage packaging known as tetrapaks. Products made of such paper can then be used by citizens in institutions in the municipality where the packaging has been collected, thus creating their own model of the circular economy.

Together with partners: the Senec Municipality the EPR NATURPACK, the waste management company AVE and the paper supplier Damito and Circular Shield the first Municipal Material Cycle in Slovakia has been established.

"There is no need to cut down trees in order to produce hygiene paper. Used beverage cartons are sufficient."