In Trnava the Municipal Material Cycle will be presented during Earth Day

At the heart of the Municipal Material Cycle (MMC) project is the local model of circular economy.

The project produces hygienic paper (paper towels, toilet paper), which is exceptional because it is made of cellulose obtained by regeneration of cardboard beverage packaging (so-called tetrapak).

The products of paper thus made may then be used by schools and institutions in the municipalities where the packaging was collected.

In Slovakia, the Trnava City participated in the municipal material circle project among the first cities.

The project promotes sustainable behaviour, because the purposeful collection and processing of cardboard beverage packaging will make the waste a useful raw material for paper production. This saves natural resources, especially it is not necessary to cut down trees, from which hygienic paper is usually made. "We citizens of Trnava care about living in a healthy environment and together we want to lead our children to do so. Therefore, I am glad that Trnava is one of the first cities in Slovakia to participate in the municipal material circle project," said Tibor Pekarčík, Vice Mayor of Trnava.

In Trnava, the Municipal Material Circle (MMC) was established following the model of a successful project in Slovenia, where the first municipalities and institutions participated six years ago. Now MMC is expanding across borders, and the first country to be given the green light is Slovakia.

Partners of the project are FCC Trnava, which provides collection of separate wastes, as well as ENVI-PAK, an organization of producer responsibility for packaging.