Municipal Material Cycle in the video story

The Municipal Material Cycle of used beverage cartons and hygienic paper is now presented in a demonstration video story. It illustrates the integration and cooperation of strategic partners in the cycle.

Video demonstrates this circular economy project on a real case study – it all starts with placing the used beverage carton in the appropriate waste bin, so the municipal waste management company can collect the material and deliver it to the collection center. In the following steps the cardboard from the beverage cartons is reproduced into hygiene paper products. In the final step, the local distributor takes care of the supply and delivery of these products to the local institutions in the same local community.

The main purpose of this video is to demonstrate that there is no need to cut down trees to produce hygiene paper. Used beverage cartons are sufficient enough.

The video was produced in cooperation with our MMC project partners: Osnovna šola Zadobrova, Ljubljana, JP Voka Snaga Ljubljana and Valtex.