Slovenia inspires Slovakia on the road to a circular economy

We are pleased to have helped to organize the Slovak-Slovenian meeting of representatives of organisations dedicated to sustainable waste management and transition to circular economy.

Representatives of NATUR-PACK, INCIEN and City of Senec as the first partner of the Municipal Material Circle project in Slovakia visited the Regional Waste Management Centre (RCERO Ljubljana), one of the most modern plants of this kind in the EU.

The municipal waste management system in Ljubljana and, for comparison, in the Slovak cities of Bratislava and Senec, then EPR systems (producer responsibility organisations), the direction of Ljubljana and Slovenia towards sustainability were discussed.

In support of the principles of the circular economy, Ljubljana is involved in the Municipal Material Cycle project in Slovenia.

By recycling the separately collected beverage cartons, it thus provides a secondary source of pulp for hygiene paper products used in municipal institutions.