July 28th, 2022 – Earth Overshoot Day

Today is Global Earth Overshoot Day. This means that, according to the Calculations of the Global Footprint Network, we have already used all natural resources as the Earth is able to produce or restore within a year. Unfortunately, the Slovenian Overshoot Day was recorded already on April 18th.

The ecological debt we have been creating for more than half a century has led to a major biodiversity loss, an increase in CO2 emissions and a reduced food and energy security. The consequences are visible – we are facing with extremely high temperatures, frequent droughts and fires and other natural disasters.

We have a great challenge ahead of us – we must adapt and learn to live with available resources. Solutions are in innovation in energy management, the development of technologies with a lower carbon footprint and more efficient use of natural materials. Operating according to the principles of circular economy, to which business users are also encouraged by Circular Shield, represents an important step towards solving this global problem.