Brezovica and Medvode Municipalities are successfully implementing new circular economy solutions

The municipalities of Brezovica and Medvode proved that transition to a circular economy, care for health and clean environment are their main priorities. Municipalities have joined the project Municipal Material Cycle Ljubljana, thru which they are encouraging local public institutions and companies to use hygiene paper, made from locally collected UBC packaging.


The project brings number of positive environmental impacts and financial savings to the local community. It is not necessary to cut down trees to produce hygienic paper anymore, as the local community supplies raw materials for recycled products from the existing packaging waste management system. In doing so, all participants in the cycle contribute to the conservation of natural resources and increase natural capital, reduce waste incineration, and consequently reduce CO2 emissions and increase the share of recovered packaging waste.


First institutions that decided to join this circular economy project within Municipality of Brezovica were kindergartens Brezovica and primary school Brezovica; while in Municipality of Medvode  Sotočje Institute and Municipal offices are pioneer MMC members. By joining the project, they all confirmed their commitment to the protection of the local environment. 


The founding partners of the MMC Ljubljana project are Municipality of Ljubljana, JP Voka Snaga and EPR companies Slopak and Dinos.