Global Earth Overshoot Day 2023: August 2

In 2023, the Global Footprint Network declared August 2nd the World Earth Overshoot Day. This is the day we are entering a period of ecological debt on a global level – so when we have used up resources that the planet can replenish in a year. In Slovenia, however, we have been living “on the account of nature” since April 18.

The European Union has committed to an ambitious climate policy – with the Green Deal, it aims to become the carbon-neutral by 2050. To this end, the EU is also modernizing existing legislation and adopting new laws that will help achieve the ambitious goal.

But we will not only achieve the green transition through new rules and stricter regulation. It is important to change the way we think and act, and it is essential to reformulate our fundamental values.

Innovation in renewable energy, sustainable mobility, food security, technology development and the transition to a low-carbon circular economy should be encouraged.

Circular Shield is actively working towards the implementation of green solutions, the development of innovative and circular public procurement and education for sustainability.

With the Municipal Material Cycle program, 17 Slovenian local communities have reused 1,500 tons of beverage cartons packaging waste of July 2023, thus preserving 18,300 trees.