MMC project generates significant environmental savings – this ciruclar solution reduced CO2 emissions that are generated by 483 cars in one year

At the meeting of eco-coordinators of Dolenjska primary schools, we presented the environmental effects of the Municipal Material Cycle programme in Slovenia.

Among other things, we calculated that the average primary school saves about 2,500 kg of CO2 emissions in 1 year by using hygienic paper made from used beverage cartons. This is what the average car generates in 1 year (at 145 g/km and 17,000 kilometres).

Today, the municipal material cycle is successfully operating in 17 municipalities across Slovenia, which have collected and reused 1,627 tons of beverage cartons by the end of August 2023. The total CO2 savings of this circular project are 1,208,195 kilograms, the same as 483 cars generates in 1 year.